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Jessop Farms | 21386 S Murphy Rd., Ripon, CA 95366 | (209) 824-0341
Sonia Dominguez
We had a wonderful time picking strawberries and blueberries! Thank you!
Kristina Blum
Crystal Archibeque Rubottom
My babies had a BLAST today!!! We came home with 4lbs of blueberries in less than 30 mins!! Opening day=SUCCESS!! We just LOVE our days there!! Thanks so much for all you do! :)
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Jessop Farms | 21386 S Murphy Rd., Ripon, CA 95366 | (209) 824-0341
Jessica Rozevink
Fun afternoon picking=Yummy blueberry pancakes for dinner!! � - with Jacqueline Lora.
She was so excited for her first visit out the the farm! Thanks for a great time. First I many I'm sure  [Ashley Thompson]
Great day at Jessop Farms! [Heidi Wicker]
Taken last week while on our field trip! The kids loved picking the blueberries. I think they ate more then [Monica Orozco]
Thanks for the fun and blueberries!  [Gina DeJong]
This lil one had more blueberries in her belly then in her bucket..  [Monica Orozco}